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We believe almost everyone has the ability to live a quality life as long as they surround themselves with the appropriate conditions that promote health and balance. We aim to provide these conditions as we are inspired by the uniqueness of the human being.

Simon Bloom

Chief Executive – MSc MA Adv Dip MBACP (accred.)

Simon has trained and worked as a psychologist, psychotherapist and body therapist over the last 20 years. During this time he has implemented a new form of therapy inspired by Ken Wilber’s Integral psychology.

It uses an integral map of the entire human being, intellectual, emotional, physiology and spiritual to accurately assess, diagnosis and create a bespoke treatment plan for each of Reflections’ clients.

Dr. Alessandro Colasanti

MD, MSc, PhD, Psychiatric Supervisor

Dr Alessandro Colasanti is a medical doctor and specialist in General Adult Psychiatry. He has been trained as a clinician at University of Milan, Italy. He has obtained a PhD in Affective Neuroscience at Maastricht University, the Netherlands, and currently is an Academic Clinical Lecturer in Affective Disorders at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London.

His principal areas of scientific interest and research are molecular brain imaging, pharmacology and psychoneuroimmunology. He has been psychiatric supervisor at Reflections Therapy for the last five years, aiming to promote the best possible integration between psychotherapy and psychiatric approaches to the treatment of psychological distress and illness.

Zahava Bloom

Clinical Manager, BA, PG Dip Adv FDAP

Zahava has worked in a range of settings including managing secondary care for an addiction centre. Her original degree was in Social Science and Psychology, later going on to study Humanistic Psychotherapy, concluding with a Post-graduate Diploma in both group and individual Addiction Psychotherapy.

She is an Addiction Psychotherapist. As well as dealing with addictions, Zahava’s special interests are co-dependency, self esteem issues, relational difficulties and depression. Zahava splits her time between managing Reflections’ therapists and seeing her own individual clients.

James Waldron therapist picture

James Waldron

MCAP, BSc(Psych) BACP Registered

James is an psychodynamic psychotherapist with a background in neuroscience and psychology and a Masters in Psychotherapy. He has worked in a range of different settings both public and private including; drug and alcohol, mental health, homelessness, intellectual disability, phone counselling, individual and couples therapy.

As an integrative therapist, he uses psycho-education as a way of explaining what is going on in the mind and how that manifests in emotions and actions. James combines evidence based approaches and his understanding of neuroscience with Motivational Interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy, and Narrative therapy to provide non-judgmental perspective. This helps provide reasons for certain behaviours and to explore alternative ways of finding happiness and motivation in life.

Yigal Edit2

Yigal Israel

Bodymind Psychotherapist and qualified Biodynamic massage therapist. UKCP registered.

Bodymind psychotherapy acknowledges that we repress and bury painful feelings in our body as well as in our mind. We also tend to repress strong feelings of love, strength and joy. Our bodymind stores and expresses unprocessed emotional experiences.

You will be supported in whichever way is appropriate and Yigal will use reflective talking, awareness of relational dynamics, Biodynamic therapeutic Massage, exercises in body awareness and movements, images and other ‘self-evolving’ methods in a safe and confidential space.

Yigal’s sessions can take place in English, Hebrew or Spanish.


Nechoma Schwab

Biodynamic Massage Therapist ,Life Coach, & Trainee Biodynamic Body Psychotherapist. UKCP registered.

 Nechoma has a background in adolescent pastoral care, and holistic personal training. As a life coach Nechoma understand the challenges that can arise from adopting new habits. She works with my clients to set realistic and manageable goals, so that they can become inspired by seeing real change in their lives

As a therapist Nechoma  makes use of therapeutic conversation, attuned touch, movement, awareness and tracking of body sensations, Biodynamic Massage, embodied mindfulness and visualisations in a client-led approach, with the belief that expertise, wisdom and healing lie within the client.

Nechoma helps clients to develop an awareness of how past events can influence current behaviours and choices. She invites them to discover more satisfying ways to relate to themselves, others, and their circumstances.

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