Why us?

One does not go to an oncologist for a broken leg, or a nose, ear and throat specialist for a heart condition.

At Reflections we feel that different types of conditions need different specialists and different types of therapy.


We do an in-depth assessment of each individual and then choose the most effective therapy for each person. Sometimes a person needs multiple specialists to help work on different areas.

For anyone that would like to understand our clinical philosophy better, we base ourselves on the philosophy of Ken Wilber, although we have implemented it in our own particular way. We look at each person’s intellectual, cultural, psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual developmental level. We then combine this with a classic DSM V diagnosis and personality types. This provides the basis for offering the best possible therapy either in-house or outside of The Bespoke Program if we do not have the right person available for you.

If in particular you have tried other types of therapy and not got very far give us ring to see if perhaps we could help.


Talk to us

For your initial free, no obligation consultation in complete confidence, please get in touch with us by phone or using the enquiry form.

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