In-depth assessment

Evidence suggests that 50% of therapy is effective, 15% is harmful and 35% is not useful.

Reflection’s believes that this happens because people are not getting the right type of therapy. Different types of psychological issues need different types of therapy to deal with them. Often people go for years to a therapist who might be more than competent but they are unfortunately just receiving the wrong type of treatment.

Reflections starts off with an in-depth assessment. This allows us to fully understand the issues and the complexity that every human embodies, especially with psychological struggles.

Often people can have multiple diagnoses at the same time and need different types of therapy to deal with each of the issues. Addicts often have trauma in their childhood and need both addiction therapy and trauma therapy separately. Some individuals need medication, some therapeutic exercise, some nutritional advice and some business coaching, etc.

If one does not know what their diagnosis is, one cannot get the right treatment and thus is likely to fall within the 50% of non-successful therapies. Even if for some reason Reflections is not the right place for your therapy, please make sure that you receive the right diagnosis for your condition.


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