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Reflections also deal with many other psychological issues such as trauma and bereavement and if we cannot help you in-house, we will find the best help for you.


Within our bespoke program we offer treatment for people who are struggling to deal with overwhelming, traumatic events that they cannot move on from.

Trauma can be experienced as either a one-off incident such as a car accident or the loss of loved one or as a series of traumatic episodes such as bullying or prolonged stress at work and/or home. Being exposed to a trauma causes us to go into shock, disturbing the balance of our lives and affecting both our mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Through the bespoke programme we effectively find treatment for your symptoms and the underlying causes by integrating neurobiological research with psychotherapy.
  • Through a combination of art therapy, psycho -education, nutritional advice, body therapy, mindfulness and self-soothing skills, we will help you understand how trauma influences your internal beliefs and self-image. With our therapists you will explore your defences and their meaning, thus gaining an in-depth understanding of both the physical and psychological effects of shock so that you can recover from trauma and PTSD.  


Bereavement is the experience of grieving as we adjust to loss. There is no standard right or wrong way of dealing with grief and there is a time limit. Everyone learns to cope in their own way, however grief can manifest in a variety of different unexpected ways.

  • Reflections will hold you through this difficult time, so you don’t have to carry this burden alone.
  • Reflections will help you find coping strategies and ways of dealing with your loss.
  • Our team of trained specialists will listen to you and provide appropriate support and guidance.

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